2020 Annual Report

Posted September 15, 2021

When it became clear that 2020 was going to be one for the history books, we didn’t let the pandemic stop us from delivering our mission. We turned challenges into opportunities, took advantage of downtime while programs were on pause, and crafted new ways to engage the public in our research.

– More than 50 Discover Archaeology webinars were viewed more than 90,000 times on Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube

– Provided insights into a pivotal, yet under-investigated, time in history in the Basketmaker Communities Project Interpretive Report, the 10th major publication from Crow Canyon

– Strengthened connections with Indigenous partners by providing much-needed supplies to Hopi, Cochiti, and Jemez Pueblos, and restored trails in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park

– Enriched our curricula with the addition of Ute and Navajo oral histories and cultures to our online resources for educators

Excavations continued at Haynie and other sites in the Lakeview Group, one of the densest concentrations of great houses found north of Aztec Ruins.

Your generous support, funding from the 2020 Cares Act, and expanded partnerships with universities, the Bureau of Land Management, and archaeological societies enabled us to deliver on our research and educational mission.

2020 allowed for a deepening integration of the components of our mission: archaeological research, Native American knowledge, and public education.

People are drawn to Crow Canyon because we are at the nexus of science, culture, and art. We care about sustainability and the environment. Our mission inspires people to expand their understanding of the complex cultures and histories of the Four Corners region.

We were moved by the generosity of our donors to get us through a year like no other. Steadfast support through an unexpected moment in history strengthened our resiliency and ensured that our research and educational outreach would continue. We were inspired by the resiliency and ingenuity of our Native partners, whose cultural and historical life experiences deepen our understanding of the world today and our shared path to the future.

In an extraordinary year, you made an extraordinary difference. We couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU!

Interested in reading the full Annual Report? Read it here.