Crow Canyon Shares Research at 2024 Society of Ethnobiology Annual Conference in St. Louis!

Posted April 18, 2024

We look forward to sharing research findings at the upcoming 2024 Society of Ethnobiology Annual Conference, April 24–27, 2024, in St. Louis, MO.

The annual Ethnobiology Conference brings together people from an extraordinarily rich variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographic locations, all seeking to understand the myriad interactions of human cultures with plants and animals, past and present, worldwide. It attracts academics, students, museum staff, government and non-governmental agency personnel, interested citizens, and Native/Indigenous community members.

Crow Canyon staff and research associates will present on the following topics:

Forum Title: Is Anyone Listening? Ethical Accountability in the SAA

Co-organizers: Sarah Janesko, Lindsay Montgomery, Michael Nassaney, Koji Lau-Ozawa, Rebecca Renteria, Sarah Kurnick, Emily Dylla, and Patricia Ayala-Rocabado

Event Title: 2024 SAA Ethics Bowl

Judges: Rebecca Renteria and others

Poster Title: Two Years of Reproducible Archaeofaunal Reports at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Author: Jonathan Dombrosky

Poster Title: Assessing Inter- and Intraobserver Variability in Barbara Lawrence’s Criteria for Identifying Pronghorn and Deer Astragali

Authors: Jonathan Dombrosky, Steve Wolverton, Tessa McCright

Paper Title: Taphonomic Perspectives on Archaeological Faunal Abundance and Its Relevance to Identifying Cultural Keystone Places

Authors: Steve Wolverton, Chelsey Armstrong, Jonathan Dombrosky, and Susan C. Ryan

Workshop Title: R Programming for Ethnobiologists: A Beginner’s Guide to the Tidyverse

Presented by: Jonathan Dombrosky