Application Period for the Lister Fellowship is Open: Submit Your Research Proposal Today!

Posted August 2, 2021

We are excited to announce that the application period for the 2022–2023 Florence C. and Robert H. Lister Fellowship is now open!

Every two years, the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center awards the Lister Fellowship to a Ph.D. student who shows promise in making impactful and positive contributions to the archaeological knowledge of American Indian cultures of the Greater Southwest, including northern Mexico.

Named in recognition of late archaeologists and educators, Florence and Robert Lister, the recipient of the Lister Fellowship is awarded a stipend of $10,000 to help support them while they are in the final stages of their research and dissertation work. Once awarded, the recipient will be granted the stipend, typically in four equal installments over the course of a 12-month period, beginning in January of 2022. This money can be used to help the recipient during their dissertation work, from defraying educational costs related to their Ph.D. program to helping pay for living expenses while working.

The recipient of the Lister Fellowship is required to present a colloquium on their research at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center during the fellowship period and give a bound copy of their dissertation to the Crow Canyon research library. The Fellow and the Executive Vice President of the Research Institute at Crow Canyon will schedule this colloquium toward the end of the fellowship period.

The fellowship is open to students who have been admitted to a Ph.D. program at a recognized university in North America and who are engaged in dissertation research or writing. The design of the student’s project must produce a significant increase in knowledge about American Indian cultures in the southwestern United States or northern Mexico. Data for the dissertation may be gathered through field archaeology or analysis of existing archaeological collections. The study may be focused on either the pre‐Hispanic or historic period; projects that consider the interaction of American Indian and European‐derived cultures are eligible. Relevant projects that depend primarily on ethnoarchaeology or paleoenvironmental studies will also be considered.

Our current Lister Fellow recipient, Katie Richards, is a Ph.D. student at Washington State University and is close to finishing her dissertation on Fremont social and political organization and the relationship between the Fremont and Pueblo culture areas. She has pursued this research since 2007 by conducting archaeological surveys, excavations, and laboratory analyses, including work at many important sites in both the Fremont and Ancestral Pueblo regions.

You can find more information about past Lister Fellowship recipients here, and watch one of 2017 Lister Fellow Benjamin Bellorado‘s webinar videos here.