Cortez Locals Bob and Diane McBride Awarded Prestigious Ivol K. Hagar Archaeological Award

Posted September 30, 2020

Congratulations to frequent Crow Canyon volunteers and collaborators Bob and Diane McBride who in September were awarded the prestigious Ivol K. Hagar award by the Hisatsinom Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society. Named after a well-known Colorado avocational archaeologist, this award is given by the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) to individuals who have made outstanding long-term contributions to the Society either at the state or chapter level.

Since 2008, Bob and Diane have led teams of volunteers to survey thousands of acres of land in and around Cortez and have helped countless landowners identify sites of importance on their property. Their contributions to the archaeological community have been tremendous, and the Ivol K. Hagar award is a testament to that, as the spouses now join the exclusive club of 12 Coloradans to receive the award since its inception in 1996.

Cortez Locals Bob and Diane McBride Awarded Prestigious Ivol K. Hagar Archaeological Award

More than a decade ago, the McBrides created and implemented the Hisatsinom Archaeological Survey Program, for the purpose of conducting pedestrian archaeological surveys for private landowners to identify cultural resources on their property, all at no cost. In the time since the program’s founding, Bob and Diane have led teams of volunteers on 26 different parcels of property, surveying a total of 5,625 acres and recording 339 sites of note. Throughout these expeditions, several surface artifacts have been recorded and sent to the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) for entry into the statewide COMPASS database, where the data has become available to archaeological professionals.

“The McBride-led surveys provide landowners with an understanding of the sites on their property, why the preservation of these sites is so important, and the role private landowners need to play as stewards of the archaeological record,” said Dr. Mark Varien, Executive Vice President of the Research Institute at Crow Canyon. “We are incredibly proud of the important recognition their work received through the Colorado Archaeological Society and look forward to continuing the collaborative relationship between the McBrides and Crow Canyon.”

The McBrides work in tandem throughout their various projects. Bob serves as the primary point man when it comes to geographic, environment, site, and feature measurements and recording in the field, while Diane is the lead pottery expert during artifact recording. Together, the spouses have devoted hundreds of hours interpreting survey results, completing site forms, and preparing reports.

Their efforts have had an immense impact on those they work with and the community they serve. Their work has yielded immense data about sites on private land, which are often the most at risk of destruction. They have provided landowners with education opportunities about the importance of preserving cultural resources, while also providing Hisatsinom members with opportunities to engage in relevant archaeological activities and training, and the space for avocational archaeologists and professionals to collaborate and strengthen their relationships.

The efforts of Bob and Diane McBride have had an immense positive impact when it comes to archaeology in Montezuma County and throughout all of Colorado. Thanks to their efforts, countless sites have been recorded, and landowners and archaeologists alike have had the opportunity to learn about the sites of note throughout the region. Crow Canyon is proud to have been able to work alongside the McBrides for the past decade.