Crow Canyon Archaeological Center approved as a designated Colorado Enterprise Zone Contribution Project as of 9/21/23

Posted November 7, 2023

Colorado Enterprise Zone Contribution Projects

Enterprise Zone Contribution Tax Credits benefit individuals and businesses that donate to Colorado approved community projects or organizations.

Colorado Benefits to Contribution Project Donors

Contributors to approved projects receive a 25% State Tax Credit for cash donations and a 12.5% State Tax Credit for eligible in-kind contributions (includes stocks and securities).


– Donations must be made directly to an approved Enterprise Zone project.

– Donations must meet the annual minimum gift total of $250.

– Each donor will receive a DR0075 form from each Enterprise Zone project in which a donation was made to submit with their state tax return for the year.

– Donors can claim up to $100,000 in Enterprise Zone tax credits annually, which can be carried forward for 5 years.

Designated Colorado Enterprise Zone Contribution projects are community organizations that are approved by the Colorado Economic Development Commission and must meet specific criteria which have been determined by the state.

For more information or to sign-up please contact Jennifer Peeso, 970-564-4357 or