Crow Canyon Educators Visit Denver School

Posted June 16, 2022

Crow Canyon educators recently visited a class of fifth graders at Colorado Academy in Denver to facilitate a day-long immersion into the lives of Ancestral Pueblo people. For the last couple of decades, Colorado Academy’s fifth grade class has traveled to our campus, but when COVID-19 canceled their travel plans again this year, we went to them!

Students participated in a variety of lessons including fire making, studying artifacts, learning to throw an atlatl, making jewelry, and more. Through these lessons, Crow Canyon educator and Native American outreach manager Becky Hammond and education manager Tyson Hughes taught students not only about archaeology and southwestern Colorado’s deep history but inspired a sense of wonder and reverence for Indigenous cultures and knowledge.

The last two years have challenged our educators to develop new and innovative ways to reach students who are no longer able to come to the Crow Canyon campus. Even with the waning of the pandemic, there are many rural, underserved, and tribal schools that are unable to travel due to cost, time, family responsibilities of the teachers and students, and school regulations.

To read more about Crow Canyon educators’ visit to Denver, view the Colorado Academy’s blog post here.