Mobile Learning Lab Takes Education Programs on the Road

Posted March 19, 2023

Crow Canyon’s Education team can’t wait to hit the road and take our hands-on programs to schools that are unable to travel to our campus. They’re looking forward to giving more kids the opportunity to learn about Southwest history, cultures, and archaeology through hands-on experiences.

From tree-ring dating (dendrochronology) to the history of the spear thrower (the atlatl), schools can choose from 12 learning modules based on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) curriculum.

“We’ve developed many types of curricula and we provide a menu for the schools. They can look at what we have to offer and align it to what they’re studying,” shared Jeremy Grundvig, one of Crow Canyon’s educators and part of the Education team behind transforming a transportation van into the mobile lab.

Students will surely be excited when the Mobile Learning Lab rolls onto school grounds. The inside looks like a lab, which was the team’s intention.

“As you walk into it both sides have cabinets that house microscopes, scales, and other tools so students can go in and analyze an artifact. Around the exterior of the lab will be various activities that connect students to the cultures they are studying. These are the same activities that a student coming to Crow Canyon’s campus would experience,” said Jeremy.

Stay tuned for reports from the road!