Please consider a year-end gift to Crow Canyon

Posted November 27, 2023

As we near the end of our 40th anniversary year, we are humbled by our shared community. The greater Crow Canyon family includes our neighbors down the gravel road, aficionados of archaeology worldwide, decades-deep collaborators, and brand new friends. We are truly grateful to you. YOU make us relevant and resilient by bringing new perspectives, curiosity, courage, and human connection to our table. Thank you.

Thank you for being CURIOUS and pushing the boundaries of common understanding. This year, more than 25,000 viewers tuned in for 40 free, weekly Discover Archaeology webinars, hearing diverse interpretations of human culture from a variety of experts. For example, Ron Martinez Looking Elk exemplifies the unbroken connection between ancient and modern Pueblo pottery making. Dr. Matthew Bennett walks us through new evidence of human occupation at White Sands National Park that has rocked the

archaeological community.

Because curiosity drives critical thinking, not all the presenters agree or share the same point of view, and likewise the questions from viewers are evocative and challenging. This may be why one participant said, “Crow Canyon puts on some of the best webinars in the country.”

Educational programs like webinars are ONLY possible thanks to support from people like you.

Thank you for being BRAVE and embracing Crow Canyon’s inclusive approach to archaeology, which values and integrates both Western scientific methods and Indigenous ways of knowing. This year, we were able to provide scholarship support for cultural specialists, Indigenous students, schools from Native American communities, and tribal members to participate in campus programs, travel seminars, a weaving workshop, and elementary school field trips. This not only helps foster deeper cultural understanding and respect, it also expands opportunities for career development and mentorship.

Thank you for embracing our shared HUMANITY. Crow Canyon is all about connection: shining light on the challenges and triumphs we have in common with one another that lead to expanded knowledge, understanding, and solutions. This year elementary students and teachers flooded back to campus for the hands-on, experiential programs we have mastered over 40 years. We open their developing minds to scientific and cultural exploration, and we hone the academic and professional skills of interns and College Field School students. Their experiences in the field, the lab, and the classroom provide career inspiration and forge lifelong friendships.

Your support helps make experiences like these possible. Please consider making a year-end gift to Crow Canyon!

Finally, thank you for BELONGING to our community. We exist because of you. We cherish you as friends and collaborators in seeking knowledge. For thousands of years, communities in the American Southwest have persisted and prospered because of the contributions of individual members. Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is no different. Every individual contribution to the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center community makes a difference.

As we embark on our next 40-year journey, we invite you to help keep our truly unique community resilient and delivering cutting edge research, experiential education, and American Indian knowledge, forever.

With gratitude,

Liz Perry

President and CEO

P.S. Please consider a stretch gift in honor of our 40th, perhaps adding $4 to your monthly gift or an additional $40 or $400 to what you might otherwise give (or go BIG with a gift of $1983 to honor our inaugural year)!

Thank you for being part of Crow Canyon’s future!

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