Sharing 40 years of collaborative research at Society for American Archaeology event

Posted March 28, 2023

Twined sandals, human-turkey relationships, corrugated whiteware ceramics, fish bone analysis, and maize farming are just a few of the more than 15 professional papers and posters that Crow Canyon associates presented at the 88th Annual Society for American Archaeology (SAA) meeting in Portland, OR. This is the premier U.S. event for sharing archaeological research and best practices and Crow Canyon’s team will be showcasing highlighted projects from our 40 years of collaborative research, education, and American Indian partnerships.

Crow Canyon collaborators on conference deliverables include: Dr. Susan Ryan, Dr. Liz Perry, Dr. Mark Varien, Dr. Ben Bellorado, Dr. Jonathan Dombrosky, Dr. Kellam Throgmorton, Grant Coffey, Paul Ermigiotti, Tyson Hughes, Dr. Elaine Franklin, Dr. Joseph Suina, Kristin Kuckelman, Richard Wilshusen, Julia Coverdale, Eric Gilmore, James (Jim) Potter, Dr. Donna Glowacki, and Jeffrey Jones.

A wide range of fascinating topics are being presented by Crow Canyon representatives including:

– Fashions and Fabrications of the Fanciest Footwear: Two Millennia of Stability and Change in Twined Sandal Use in the U.S. Southwest

– Pathways to the Archaeology of Footwear

– Revisiting the Depopulation of the Northern Southwest with Dendrochronology: A Changing Perspective with New Dates from Cedar Mesa

– Hydrogen and Oxygen (δ2H and δ18O) Isotopes and the Study of Human-Turkey Relationships in the Northern US Southwest

– Ancestral Pueblo Fishing Associated with Mixed Foraging Goals and Environmental Stability in the Middle Rio Grande of New Mexico

– Welcome to the Machine: New Techniques in Predictive Modeling for Improving Data Quality in Zooarchaeology

– The Pueblo Farming Project: Research, Education, and Native American Collaboration

– Forty Years of Sustained Community Center Research in the Central Mesa Verde Region

– Community Organization on the Edge of the Mesa Verde Region: Recent Investigations at Cowboy Wash Pueblo, Moqui Springs Pueblo, and Yucca House

– Educational Programming and the Perceived Benefits of Participation at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

– Changes in the Temporality of the Landscape during the Chacoan Period in the American Southwest

– Bridging the Long Tenth Century: From Villages to Great Houses in the Central Mesa Verde Region

– What’s the Deal with Corrugated Whitewares? An Analysis of the Corrugated Whitewares from the Haynie Site

– Conceptualizing the Past: The Thoughtful Engagement of Hearts and Minds

– Thirteenth-Century Villages and the Depopulation of the Northern San Juan Region by Pueblo Peoples

Thank you to all our friends for attending these sessions! We loved reconnecting with all of you and sharing ideas about about the future.

A deeper dive into each of the above-mentioned topics will also be included in a special Crow Canyon 40th Anniversary Volume, a publication that celebrates Crow Canyon’s past, present, and future by providing a backdrop to its humble beginnings and highlighting key mission accomplishments since 1983. Stay tuned for details about the volume, expected to be published and available in May 2023. Many of these topics will also be shared at Crow Canyon’s 40th anniversary conference in October.

Travel costs for staff to attend important industry events like this are funded by the William D. Lipe Advances in Research endowment fund. As a non-profit organization, we are grateful for generous donors who make our work possible. Click here to learn more about supporting Crow Canyon.

SAA poster image courtesy of Jonathan Dombrosky