Updates, upgrades & repairs, oh my!

Posted April 10, 2023

Crow Canyon gratefully invites you to join us in celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. As we look back together, we witness four decades of discovery, partnership, collaboration, and support. On behalf of students, program participants, Native American partners, researchers, and staff – thank you! We also witness four decades of wear and tear on our beautiful campus and the buildings that house our research facilities, lab, administrative offices, dining hall, kitchen, and on-campus housing.

For some, 1983 seems like just yesterday. For others, 1983 was when our parents were graduating from high school! No matter how we look at it, life has changed in the last 40 years. Safety standards have changed, building codes have been upgraded, and precautions that we couldn’t conceive of in 1983 (like active shooter drills) have become a part of every child’s life. Our facilities staff has worked hard to stay on top of these changes. But there is still much to be done.

As we look forward to the next 40 years, will you please consider a gift toward needed investments in updated infrastructure?

In 2023, our primary focus is on improving campus safety. We are planning to install new cameras that provide expanded coverage around the hogans, cabins, Lodge and Gates Building. New computer software will store video recordings “in the cloud,” permitting easy access from afar and rapid communication with first responders. These improvements will help keep our children and adult participants safe.

Water damage from a leaking roof is a chronic problem in the Lodge. Started in 1982 and completed in the spring of 1983, the Lodge is as old as the organization itself. Wind, water, and ice damage are wearing away at the structure of the roof, raising questions about the safety of its occupants. The roof can no longer be effectively repaired. Installation of a new roof is scheduled for this year.

Your gift will help pay for these much-needed improvements. Over the next few years, other improvements are planned that will increase energy efficiency, increase accessibility, and adapt to changes in research technology. Each improvement to our facilities helps ensure the future of Crow Canyon.

Your gift to Crow Canyon, in special recognition of 40 years, will help us make these and similar improvements to the beautiful campus that we all cherish. Thank you!

Please consider a stretch gift in honor of our 40th, perhaps adding $4 to your monthly gift or an additional $14 or $40 to what you might otherwise give.

Thank you for being part of Crow Canyon’s future!

Make a Gift Toward Infrastructure

Image of the Lodge taken in the 1980s shortly after it was built